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We launched in 2015 as a dynamic team ofvisionary consultants

Founded in 2015 by Karim Makarem, Above The Fold is a tech hub based in Dubai and Beirut, renowned for premier digital solutions. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, our agile team leads in consulting, design, and pioneering web and mobile services, along other various offerings.

We embrace the power of teamwork to drive innovation beyond technology, anchored by our agile, brilliant workforce and unrelenting dedication to quality.

Throughout the years, Above The Fold has become a transformative unit, forging the digital frontier with a vision to empower businesses globally, shaping the future of tech with innovative solutions, inspiring generations, and creating a boundary-less space for ideas and growth.

Our mission is clear: to be the vanguard of digital transformation, ensuring that technology isn't just accessible but intriguing for generations to come. We're not merely in the business of offering services; we're in the business of changing the digital world, one innovation at a time.


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The core values that drive everything we do

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A Class Quality

Excellence is non-negotiable. Every digital solution we architect is a testament to our uncompromising commitment to quality.

Twenty Four Seven

Twenty Four Seven

We're always on, operating 24/7. Our clients' needs don't wait, and neither do we, ensuring that high-quality support is available around the clock.

Top Tier services

Top-Tier Services

We offer more than just solutions; we provide unique experiences. With a robust infrastructure and unlimited sources, we're the destination for all things digital.

Always strategizing

Constant Strategy

Our strategy isn't just an aspect of our work; it is the core, driving client success and forward-thinking solutions.

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User Centered

Every solution is crafted with empathy and precision, ensuring experiences that resonate deeply and foster loyalty with users.

Innovative Culture

Our culture is one of ceaseless innovation. Pioneering in tech and always exploring new horizons, we're setting the stage for the future of digital solutions.

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