Revolutionizing pay to earn eSports in the Middle East

Revolutionizing pay to earn eSports in the Middle East

Project overview

Batal Gaming is a pioneering online eSports platform specifically tailored for the Middle Eastern gaming community. As a startup, Batal Gaming approached Above The Fold with the vision to create a comprehensive ecosystem that supports the growth and engagement of gamers in the region.

Working closely with Batal Gaming, we provided extensive consulting to refine the platform’s vision and strategy. This involved understanding the unique needs of the target market, identifying key features, and setting a roadmap for development and launch.

Our role expanded into designing a user-friendly interface, developing robust functionalities that would ensure a seamless and engaging user experience, and setting up their own team for post production and continuous development.

Batal Gaming
Consult, Design, Dev
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The project was executed in several key phases, starting with an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape and user preferences, followed by iterative design and development stages. Each feature was  crafted to align with the strategic goals of enhancing community interaction and competitive play.

We utilized the latest technologies (in specific Laravel and React.js) to ensure a robust and scalable platform. This included:

  • Real- Time communication Tools: For live tournament updates and in-game communication.
  • Advanced User Interface Elements: For seamless navigation and user interaction, particularly in game selection and profile management.

Extensive testing phases, including user acceptance testing , were conducted to ensure all features performed well under various scenarios. Feedback from these sessions was crucial in refining the platform, ensuring reliability, and optimizing user experience in preparation for go live metrics and inflow of excessive users.

Project Results

Launch and Feature Integration and Development:

  • Live Tournament Bracket: Real-time updates kept players engaged and informed during tournaments.
  • Score Submission: Players could easily and securely submit their game scores, fostering competitive integrity.
  • Leaderboard: Dynamic leaderboards were updated in real time, reflecting players' rankings based on their performances.
  • Chat and Community Tools: Facilitated lively discussions and deeper connections among players, enhancing community engagement.

Since its launch, Batal Gaming has seen a significant uptick in user registrations and active participants. The platform successfully hosted numerous large-scale tournaments, which were well-received due to the platforms interactive features.

Batal Gaming has established itself as a major player in the Middle Eastern eSports market, with our guidance from concept to execution enhancing its market position and demonstrating our capabilities in transforming innovative ideas into successful digital solutions.

Revolutionizing pay to earn eSports in the Middle East

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