How we enhanced Cambridge Medical's KPI transparency

How we enhanced Cambridge Medical's KPI transparency

Project overview

Cambridge Medical is a world-class institution of healthcare and medical services. Despite its modern infrastructure, the company experienced considerable challenges in maintaining its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) properly. A simpler strategy to analyzing and enhancing these critical parameters was clearly needed.

Above The Fold took the initiative to enhance both transparency and efficiency for Cambridge Medical. Our approach went beyond analyzing mere numbers or charts; we focused on understanding their journey, achievements, and consistent drive for excellence.

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To navigate the complexities of healthcare KPIs, we planneda series of strategic executions for Cambridge Medical, introsucing clarity, and precision into their performance tracking system.

  • Custom-built a nuanced KPI dashboard, inclusive of an intuitive upload and tracking system, catering to diverse user profiles and departments
  • ACL and user specific access
  • Established a hierarchical view system,  enabling top-level management to gain insights across verticals and horizontals within the organization
  • Ensured adaptability and inclusiveness by enabling unlimited department creation, each with customizable KPI sets and automated update notifications
  • Facilitated comprehensive employee buy-in, promoting a culture of shared goals, accountability, and transparent     communication across the board
  • Chat capability for ease of communication on KPI specific data points

Project Results

Cambridge Medical revolutionized its internal landscape, deploying a transparent, user-interactive platform that eased employee engagement and fostered a sense of individual investment in the company's trajectory. This strategic maneuver streamlined communication channels and performance assessment, cultivating a culture of mutual accountability and a workforce synchronized in their objectives.

By democratizing access to critical insights across the organizational hierarchy, the initiative enhanced strategic decision-making, underpinned by real-time, reliable data.

How we enhanced Cambridge Medical's KPI transparency

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