How we digitized Gen Re's actuarial group life process

How we digitized Gen Re's actuarial group life process

Project overview

Gen Re, a Berkshire Hathaway company, stands as a top leader in the reinsurance industry. With a relentless flow of quotations generated daily, the reliance on human resources was reaching a saturation point. Recognizing the need for innovation, Above The Fold stepped in, introducing GROUP: a game-changer.

This digital platform not only optimized operations but revolutionized Gen Re's entire quotation process, transforming data-driven challenges into streamlined, efficient outcomes.

Gen Re
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In our pursuit to streamline Gen Re's intricate analytical processes, we initiated several transformative executions, ensuring not just efficiency but the redefinition of their operational narrative.

  • Significantly diminishing internal processing times and enhancing global accessibility
  • Simplified data upload functionalities, while establishing a swift offer generation mechanism, revolutionizing client interactions
  • Digitally transposed complex traditional documents into an interactive, customizable database, ensuring dynamic offer creation grounded in logical precision
  • Integrated comprehensive digital solutions, closing in a robust web-based application and changing the traditional reinsurance workflow

Project Results

Our strategic enhancements drastically reduced task processing time, saving up to an hour per individual quotation, fundamentally transforming operational efficiency. By automating critical aspects of the workflow, we diminished the potential for human error, ensuring heightened accuracy across operations.

This new ecosystem, accessible globally, fostered a collaborative environment, informed and efficient, capable of rapid, data-anchored decision-making and agile offer generation

How we digitized Gen Re's actuarial group life process

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