How we transformed PepsiCo's data collection process

How we transformed PepsiCo's data collection process

Project overview

We all know PepsiCo, an iconic brand loved across the world, faced the issue of upgrading its data-collecting infrastructure as it embarked on a dramatic digital transition. The traditional paper log system, which was plagued by inefficiencies and inaccuracies, required an inventive update. Our involvement marked the beginning of a more efficient, insight-driven system of operations.

We strengthened PepsiCo's data collection and management process by implementing a distinctive mobile-based application, transforming raw data into actionable insights, and increasing operational agility.

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Our strategic implementation was crucial in transitioning from traditional methods to a more sophisticated, insight-driven approach.

Here's how we executed this transformation:

  • Implemented barcode scanning technology within the application, enhancing the accuracy of data collection and minimizing manual entry errors
  • Utilized advanced geo-location and mapping technology, enabling precise tracking and management of on-ground operations across various locations
  • Integrated cutting-edge technology for real-time data processing, allowing instantaneous feedback and data-driven decision-making directly from the field
  • Developed a unique, web-based application tailored specifically for PepsiCo's operational structure, ensuring an intuitive interface for seamless interaction and data management
  • Established a secure access system within the application, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality by granting access privileges based on organizational hierarchy
  • Enhanced and optimized data warehousing solution for their multi million plus data points

Project Results

We spearheaded a digital transformation that significantly enhanced data accuracy and operational efficiency across the board. By streamlining complex data ecosystems, we empowered PepsiCo with profound, actionable insights, serving as the base for their operations.

Our involvement was key in establishing a steadfast, error-minimizing system, designed specifically for crafting strategic, data-driven decisions.

How we transformed PepsiCo's data collection process

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